The The aim of HILYSENS project is formed by a Pan-European consortium composed by 4 SMEs and 3 RTD performers of 6 different Member States of the European Union. SME partners have come together to provide a balanced match of technological skills, industrial objectives, geographical representation, synergistic business interests and non-competitive positions related to the prospective outputs of the RTD performers. Together the SME partners are capable of forming a suitable vehicle for post project development, marketing, and product support, but lack the capabilities and necessary dedication to perform the multidisciplinary research required to fully develop the system. For these reasons RTD Performers have been chosen on the basis of their expertise, resources and complementary capabilities, combining interdisciplinary activities from academic and industrial sources, and interfacing medical research with basic science research, biotechnology and physics.


Borreliose Centrum Augsburg GmbH & Co. KG

The Borreliose Centrum Augsburg specializes in the diagnosis and holistic therapy of tick-borne diseases and co-infections. The BCA offers the patient a combination of diagnosis, laboratory, therapy and rehabilitation all under one roof and a team with 5 physicians and 20 other members of staff on 1,500 m². The BCA has its own specialized laboratory for tick-borne diseases. All physicians are specially trained to treat chronically-ill patients. They have a special expertise in pain therapy treatment, mental support and coaching and treat and diagnose according to the ILADS international guidelines and the recommendations of the German Borreliosis Society (Deutsche Borreliose-Gesellschaft e.V. ).


Applied Research using OMIC Sciences, SL
RTD performer

AROMICS is a Spanish biotech company focused on the application of functional proteomics and genomics in drug research and development. The company offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies partnerships and services for discovering, validating and developing biomarkers in the context of drug development and diagnosis. AROMICS incorporates new biotechnologies in pharmaceutical processes to reduce cost of drug development and speed up the process.



microLIQUID develops and produces from the simplest microfluidic chip to the complex lab on chip products. We integrate different designs, materials and technologies, reducing time and cost of manufacturing. microLIQUID proprietary technology allows us to fabricate large series of microfluidic chips at low cost in plastics.





STAB VIDA Investigação e Serviços em Ciêcias Biológicas

STAB VIDA is a Portugal based DNA-specialized laboratory (in fact, a 3 laboratories group) specialized in genetics and focused in making easier applications: in diagnostics, in personalized medicine and in genetics self-knowledge. The company started its activities in 2001, and nowadays they are selling in Portugal, but also in Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, and coming soon, Russia. The company's objective is to be known by clinicians, hospitals, patients, and even by relatives, as the ""Easy genetics laboratory". They are also interested in the POC diagnostics area.


Micro Bio Devices s.r.l.

Micro Bio Devices s.r.l. was born on 2007 in Rome. Its founders have vast experience in the biomedical field with particular expertise in technical and commercial aspects. Today, the Company is located in Molise. The core business of MBD is the design of diagnostic tools for in-vitro analysis and, in particular, we focus on infectious diseases, autoimmunity, allergies, hormones and drug abuse. The Company looks to Emerging Countries, where some specific technologies must be designed to compensate the lack of resources, efficiency of the way of transport, qualification of specialized staff and fair environmental conditions. For this reason, we are developing some specific diagnostic tools that are designed for this kind of environment. The main asset is supported by a second one: the commercialisation of diagnostic kits.


RTD performer

The University of Jyväskylä is rapidly growing multidisciplinary university which was established in 1934 as Jyväskylä College of Education. With its seven faculties, the University of Jyväskylä is one of the largest and dynamic research-universities in Finland, with over 16,000 students coming from over 70 countries. The University is known for its active role in developing innovations in education and research, especially in collaboration with business and commerce.

The main areas of research are microbial biomedical investigations and novel applications of ion beam interactions with materials for lab-on-chip applications. The Accelerator-based materials Physics Group is part of the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Accelerator- and Nuclear Physics Research. The Accelerator Laboratory also receives special funding as an infrastructure of national importance. The University is currently involved in about 40 EU financed projects under different funding programmes and several areas of knowledge.


WOW Technology, SA
RTD performer

Since 1995, WOW Technology provides turnkey projects for automotive, aeronautics/aerospace, biotechnology, food, medical, pharmaceutical, university... sectors. We are specialized in research, design, development and production of prototypes and products. We are also specialized in design, development, realization and installation of tailor-made equipments in automation and robotics, specific developments and test and measurement. Our (electro) mechanical, electrical, electronic and software departments allow us to handle entire and complex projects.

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